First Responders

For those who serve us,

OutFit is here to serve you.

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OutFit is built upon a legacy of service. We are proud to provide FREE Unlimited Open Memberships to active duty municipal 1st Responders (and their immediate family members) in the cities we serve. You go above and beyond to keep us safe and OutFit thanks you on behalf of your communities.

OutFit honors military service as well with discounts for active duty and veteran members of the Armed Forces. (Discounts may not be combined with other promotional offers.)

How Does it Work?

Outfit partners with, the leading service verification provider in the United States, to quickly and securely authenticate your employment status and verify your eligibility .

What Are The Benefits of verifying through is the only authentication option that OutFit offers. Through this secure US Gov certified service, you can gain access to similar benefits at hundreds of other brands as well. (Over 600 great brands!) And all of your credentials are maintained in one safe place. Register once and gain unbounded access to all of the brand partners.

What Type of Discounts Does OutFit Offer Through

OutFit offers FREE Open Unlimited Family Memberships to municipal First Responders in the communities we serve. To qualify, you must be verified by as an active duty member in one of the following categories:

Police Officer



Additionally, OutFit offers discounted services to active duty and veteran military members.

Troop ID - You are eligible if any of the below segments apply to you:

Active Duty

Inactive Reserves

National Guard



How Do I Access My FREE Membership or Discount?

To get started and setup your account go to Once you have your account setup, login to your OutFit Training Mobile app. In the lower menu navigate to the profile tab and click the three dots in the upper right corner. Tap account settings and Verify you are a First Responder.

How is My Personal Data Protected?

At OutFit your privacy is paramount and is the leading partner to the US Government in verifying the employment status of service members, 1st Responders, and other categories of public workers like teachers and medical personnel. is a secure platform and your personal data is never shared with anyone.

Can I Share My Discount With Non-Eligible Friends When I Use

No. Only active duty municipal 1st Responders and their family members are eligible for OutFit’s 1st Responder Program.

What If I Have Issues With My Account?

Please contact the Support Team if you have questions regarding your eligibility or have difficulty accessing your account. Support is available 8am-midnight EST, 7 days per week at (866) 775-4363.

Can I Use My Discount On TEAM and PRIVATE Training?

No. Municipal 1st Responders and their families are eligible for FREE Unlimited Family Memberships to attend OPEN Classes. However, they are also eligible for discounts at the upgraded service levels, along with active duty military members and veterans.